A dynamic and people-focussed engineering firm with a strong network throughout the Netherlands, that is CLAFIS Ingenious.

Founded in 2004, CLAFIS currently employs almost 450 engineers and has eight offices in the Netherlands and two offices in the U.S. . We provide our engineering and consulting services to various markets and are proud to be in the top 17 of Dutch engineering firms.

Our mission doesn’t stop here. We are continuously developing and strive to be the go-to engineering firm. We achieve success together with our clients, partners, and colleagues.

We offer ingenious solutions for the challenges of today and of the future. We draw on our knowledge and expertise to offer ingenious solutions for our clients’ challenges. We always put the client first and ask ourselves: “which types of services fit their needs best?”. We examine the issues in-depth and take care of it, all with a personal approach and our no-nonsense mentality.