Commissioning & Start-up

Commissioning and start-up (CSU) is an important phase of the industrial process in the Food & Pharma industry. After the project is technically ready, our CSU specialists manage and execute the Commissioning & Start-up. At the end of this phase, the factory is running and the processes are validated.

CLAFIS has a team of CSU managers and engineers who are very experienced in the execution of all Factory Acceptance Tests, Site Acceptance Tests, and qualification (Installation Qualification (IQ) / Operational Qualification (OQ) / Performance Qualification (PQ)) testing and documenting. CLAFIS monitors the budget and planning of the start-up, takes care of the necessary manpower and materials necessary for commissioning, and aligns with the internal stakeholders.

During and after finalizing the start-up, open ends will be discussed with the engineering department to wrap up the entire process. Collaboration with on-site personnel and end-users is key for a successful operation of the production process.

Knowledge and experience

  • Safety
  • IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Quality control
  • Process optimisation