Water Management

Dutch water management is high-profile and not just within our national borders. Dutch expertise in flood prevention and resilience is highly valued on a global level.

The Netherlands is a densely populated delta area. About 60% of the country is vulnerable to flooding, either by the sea or the rivers. After a disastrous flood in 1953, killing almost 2000 people in the south-western part of the Netherlands, the Minister of Public Works and Water Management proposed flood-protection standards varying from 1:10000 year (coast) to 1:1.250 year (river area). Since January, new safety standards were issued, based on the present insights on changing climate, population density and economic investments. This means that the current structures need to be assessed and possibly be improved to meet these new standards.

CLAFIS contributes more than just a drop in the bucket! CLAFIS has carried out several projects as part of the Dutch Government Program “Room for the River”, which includes measures taken to give rivers space to flood safely in over 30 locations throughout the Netherlands. CLAFIS is also very experienced when it comes to coastal flood protection.