The Dutch Government set goals to improve the ecological values in its rivers. The fish passage in the Ijssel River near Doesburg contributes to this goal.

To improve the biodiversity of fish in the IJssel River, fish migration is being made possible in the barrier near Doesburg, allowing fish to bridge an elevation of over 16 feet, and eventually make their way into Germany. The fish passage will also been made public for visitors, so that they can see the fish swim upwards through a viewing window.

CLAFIS carries out the contract management for this very innovative project. CLAFIS is experienced in managing similar projects in all phases, and was therefore a great candidate to take the role of contract manager for this project. First, the crucial risks were identified for all three phases of the project. In the preparation phase, CLAFIS selected the contractor in close collaboration with the client; the Rijn and IJssel Water Board, a local government ultimately responsible for the project). In the Design phase, CLAFIS provided process oversight. In the execution phase, CLAFIS provides contract management through System-Oriented Contract Management (SCB) and monitors the contract for progress, deviations, quality, and mile stones. This “fish ladder” will be one of the largest fish passages and is expected to be opened to the fish and public in the spring of 2019.