IJssel Delta Room for the River is one of the 34 projects of the Dutch Government Program “Room for the River”, which includes measures taken to give rivers space to flood safely in over 30 locations throughout The Netherlands, which making the adjacent land safer and more beautiful.

High water levels in the IJssel river impose a flood risks for the cities of Zwolle and Kampen, as well as other residents along the river. To assure safety and reduce flood risk, the IJssel river was given more room. This will be established by two separate projects . One involves deepening the navigation channel in the river, which was completed in 2016, the other encompassed the constructing a flood channel, the Reevediep. The Reevediep is a new tributary of the IJssel river, south of the city of Kampen towards the Drontermeer. The flood channel will be established by creating two levees and will fill in the event of high water levels. This enables the river to quickly discharge a large volume of water.

The completed project also will improve the quality of the environment. Natural values are strengthened in five flood plains. Over three hundred hectares of new nature will be realized in the Reevediep. New foot paths and bicycle paths for the public are in the plans as well as a new waterway for recreational boating. In addition, housing developments will take place near the city of Kampen on a multi-purpose levee.

CLAFIS manages the information and document transfers between design to realisation. With numerous stakeholders and contractors involved, a project document flow is used to describe all documents needed and to record which documents have been released and what is to be expected for delivery and finalization. In this process, authorizations need to be obtained regarding the design (drawings, calculations, verifications, etc.), the environment (licenses, archaeology, ecology, etc.) and project management (risks, interface, deviations, Health and Safety, changes, etc.).