Because the dike at the island of Ameland did no longer meet the flood protection standards, the Waddenzeedijk (Wadden Sea dike) needed to be improved over the length of approximately 10 miles.

At the seaward side, the dike has been reinforced with quarry stone. It received a rougher upholstery at the bottom to slow down the waves. The toe of the dike was excavated, a cloth layer was put down, followed by a layer of rough quarry stone. Subsequently, three drainage divers have been replaced and a fourth diver has been constructed.

The height of the dike has been increased by a little more than a foot. The old top (which also functions as a bicycle path) had been removed and a new layer of open stone asphalt had been applied. This had been topped with a clay layer that has been sown with grass seed. Besides it being higher, the dike still looks exactly the same as before: green, with grazing sheep and cyclists enjoying nature, the vastness, and the elements.

CLAFIS has been involved in the survey and the design of this project. Based on the design specifications, the construction design was developed using AutoCAD Civil 3D. The construction design served as a base to facilitate the construction. The machine models inform, for example, the excavator, how deep and how wide he needs to dig.