Swedish multinational Tetra Pak is the global market leader when it comes to process solutions for food processing and packaging for the liquid food industry. Tetra Pak Cheese and Powder Systems in Heerenveen (the Netherlands) is the knowledge center for development, engineering, and installation of evaporators and dryers; mainly servicing the dairy industry.

Tetra Pak hired CLAFIS to set up a data library regarding standard parts applied in installations in the dairy industry. By creating these standards, engineering drawings for each project can be prepared much faster, resulting in substantial time savings.

Parametric models were created in the 3D CAD program of Autodesk “Inventor”. The series of models created are then placed in the data library. While creating standard models, it was considered which parts had to variable and which parts had to be exchangeable. The data library as designed, allows Tetra Pack to quickly produce a series of parts, based on previously applied designs. All standard components are being put together, enabling immediate analysis which strength, sanitary, and process elements need to be improved. Subsequently the drawings can be adjusted for client-specific parameters.