To answer the world’s growing population increased demand for food, Friesland Campina set out ‘Route 2020’. With a focus on future generations, the key element is sustainable growth for dairy farmers and society.

‘Route 2020’ encompasses upgrading its factories and expanding the capacity. While realising this goal, the aim is to reduce the use of natural resources such as water, raw materials, to achieve climate-neutral growth. In addition, FrieslandCampina wants to offer a safe workplace to all employees and contractors working on the grounds of Friesland Campina.

CLAFIS has been retained by FrieslandCampina for construction management and is responsible for the realisation of various separate projects – including the upgrade of several production lines and the new construction of spray-drying-towers. These projects have included: building engineering, building process installations, and the construction of a miles-long network of pipelines to a large number of tie-ins on the existing pipe systems. With a heavy focus on safety, CLAFIS has been responsible for the safe and adequate realization of these projects, as well as creating a safe work environment for its end-users.