Schiphol 2025 Masterplan

Schiphol has outgrown its premises. 51 Million passengers used the airport in 2012, the projected number of passengers in 2025 is over 80 million!

Investing in growth and in the comfort of the traveller are the key elements of the Schiphol 2025 Masterplan. A huge undertaking which aims to service about 80 to 85 million passengers a year in 2025. CLAFIS has been engaged to take on the project management and supervision as a member of the consortium for this project. The completion of the 2025 Masterplan was done in three phases.

To accommodate 30% more travellers, the central security in the entire terminal needed to be remodelled. Instead of checks at the gate, there are now security-passageways on 5 different locations. Since mid-2015, security checks are taking place in the departure hall and no longer at the gate. Due to this centralized security, the line-up at the gates have decreased, reducing the chance of delays, thus improving the comfort of travel.

To expand the capacity of incoming planes and passengers, a completely new pier, the A-pier, was built to the south of the existing piers. Pier A has room for 8 airplanes and a capacity of approximately 3 million travellers a year. The new pier was finalized at the end of 2016

Departure Hall 1, the departure hall for European flights, has been refurbished and has gotten a more spacious layout. This phase of the Masterplan has been finished this year, according to plan. The construction of the A-pier means that passengers with a transfer at Schiphol no longer have long walks to connecting flights, which increases passenger comfort and travellers flow tremendously.