The demand for electricity is increasing enormously due to the introduction electric cars, electric heat pumps, and other innovations. At the same time the way electricity is produced is also changing. Wind- and solar power are on the rise as is cogeneration of power. The existing energy-infrastructure will be carrying an extra load because of these developments.

Alliander (a Dutch energy network company) hires CLAFIS when the need to make its medium-voltage network more intelligent arose. CLAFIS carried out the engineering and coordination for this extensive project.

After completion of the upgrade, the intelligent medium-voltage network has been able to detect weak links to prevent malfunctions. Additionally it has been able to detect and localise short circuits within one minute. An innovative measuring method allows to accurately determine the weak spots without having to shut down the power cables. The implied technologies have decreased the time and the number of power outages, thus making availability of power more reliable for its end-users.